Then and Now The 60’s

22 Mar

 The resurgence of commercial interest in the 60’s has exploited all the icons that I embraced as a teenager. I have been busy googling peace signs and the Haight for the past 2 years. It is clear to me that the 25 to 35s are enamored with the decade as well as the 10 to 16 year olds. We boomers have a very different take on the 60s, [because we were there]. Last week saw the tragic death of a character that all this nostalgia has ignored. I am sure all of you readers of a “certain age” will remember Augustus Owsley. Owsley was the first to market L.S.D. talk about timing…He made a fortune before the feds put an end to his endeavor. Owsley Acid was the Dom Perignon of all illegal substances. Hit the link to read his obit. in the Times. True to form the Times compares him to Steve Jobs to give the writing modern relevance. Sorry people…I was there, It ain’t the same thing. Peace, man


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