Steel Stacks

2 Apr

Some of you might know that for 2 years I have been involved in the rejuvenation of the Bethlehem Steel Works. A large undertaking by anyones standards, the Steel Stacks, a multi-use entertainment and arts center is the project of ArtsQuest. A non-profit organization AQ is housed in the Banana Factory a reclaimed warehouse only a few blocks away. ArtsQuest provides studio space for artists and instructional programs for all ages in a number of artistic disciplines. The Steel Stacks complex will change everything in Bethlehem. The once gritty “Steel Town” will be transformed into the Lehigh Valleys most exciting cultural destination. The Stacks consists of a state of the art live performance space, two cinemas, informal dining, bar, event spaces and retail [my contribution]. All of this is set against the awesome blast furnaces that once spewed their molten fires into the night skies above Bethlehem. The furnaces now will shed their lightshow on an ongoing  creative endeavor of an unprecedented scope here in Pennsylvania.

Today the first piece of the Stack Shop was put in place, it has been a long road to this moment. the hardest part still lies before us, the unofficial opening is April 15th. It has been an exhausting and at times a daunting undertaking, but the most exciting and gratifying experiences of my career. Check it out    You can also see more shots in “Current Projects” here in Retail Fix. 


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