Change or Perish-able

3 Apr

Just when you think we are in a recovery mode, you hear news like this. Harry and David..[always makes me laugh] I don’t think they were brothers, has filed for bankruptcy, alas another retailer bites the dust or [florida orange in this case]   H&D. have been around for 100 years during which time they became a traditional part of corporate Christmas offerings of appreciation,”for your business”as they say.  There was a time during the holidays when offices were piled high with gifts of cookies, jams, cheeses and H&D fruit baskets, it looks as if that time has passed.

 Harry and David has been the perennial business gift of choice for as long as I can remember,I even have made purchases at times. The past 3 holiday seasons have been less than generous among the corporate crowd, lately consider yourself  lucky to receive a Starbucks 10 dollar gift certificate.  I’m sure that is one reason for their financial problem. The second reason is that the towering cellophane wrapped confections that made them famous really went out of style the around the same time the QE 2 made her last departure from New York.  The third reason is succeeding generations have no idea of who Harry and David are [aren’t they lion tamers from Vegas ?]. A gift basket of pears and Gouda cheese or a fruitcake is hardly an “old standby” gift among the I-pod generation. I have always said that every retailer must develop new product lines constantly and the client base to purchase them or face extinction. Cellophane, ribbon, paper grass and the same organic pears one can purchase at Whole Foods no longer make a fitting statement of appreciation that they once did…. Change or perish-able. 

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One Response to “Change or Perish-able”

  1. Clif April 6, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Good article and you nailed it on the head. No amount of cash infusion will help their brand. My mother worked there in high school and my grandmother worked there as a supervisor for years. It has a history but might not have a future. Fruit baskets( although very nicely done by H&D) just don’t have the appeal they used to.
    Thanks for the memories!

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