Oh Little Town of Bethlehem… PA.

6 Apr

This is the first day of installation at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem Pa. I awoke this  morning at 4 am. to pack, say goodbye to the cat and head out. I will say this Philadelphia’s Schuylkill expressway is a pleasure at an early hour..In approximately 90 minutes I was on the outskirts of Bethlehem. I wish I could say it was a pleasure but I won’t.

 Bethlehem is in the throes of major infrastructure change.Everything is torn apart in anticipation of the throngs of tourists expected to visit the Stacks and the Sands Casino  It took me 35 minutes to go the last leg into town. One lane, backhoes everywhere and useless flagmen trying to direct,[whats to direct in one lane?] I thought, six traffic lites later I pulled into the grounds of the now defunct Bethlehem Steel plant. The first sight of the gigantic blast furnaces never fails to impress me…Hold that thought…My Chinese food delivery has arrived, the menu in the bar here at the Comfort Suites leaves much to be desired…I’m back.There is one thing to say about Chinese take out here in the Lehigh Valley the orders are LARGE, large enough to feed three adult steelworkers, many of whom still live here.

After spending 30 years designing retail spaces I have learned that no matter how good you think are something will always go wrong. The real talent in my profession lies in how quickly you can solve the problem and move on to the next, today was no different, there was a problem. “Too many Chefs Spoil the Soup” and this project has quite a few. The fixtures to be installed are ten foot vertical poles to be attached from floor to ceiling. What does one do when the ceiling height is nine foot eleven and one half-inch?. I have long since ceased to angst over such events. There are two solutions; blame it on the architects or cut a half-inch off all the fixtures, and still blame the architects. The installers spend all morning cutting, which gave me plenty of time to take the photos. take a look….hit the link https://picasaweb.google.com/vardisellis/StackShopInstall#


2 Responses to “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem… PA.”

  1. g hagopian May 9, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Nice work….
    I learned a long time ago from the guys in the trades….Architects dream, builders make real… I have never found an existing site that worked first time out…. The rubber ruler is in effect and Murphy is not only alive and well, he’s growing everyday!

    • vori52 May 9, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

      Absolutely …..its the guys on the front lines who make it work.

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