A Not so “New” Thing

13 Apr


The best dressing room ever was in "The Women" circa 1939.. hardly a new thing

 It never ceases to amaze me how issues like civilized dressing rooms are touted as the new trend. I have been designing retail stores for specialty womens wear for 30 years. It is no secret to me that the decision to purchase is made right there in front of the mirror. There was a time when the DR was large enough to allow for the customer and the sales person and perhaps her mother or best friend to sip tea and discuss the garments in question. Does anyone remember Saks or Bonwit Teller?  The garments were brought to the customer waiting in the DR.by a sales person. Now the chain retailers rediscovered the dressing room and think that flowers and backlit mirrors will clinch the sale, it will help I suppose. One fact remains, it’s the salesperson that makes the sale not the decor. It’s the trust in anothers opinion and sincerity that convinces a client that the garment isn’t too young or too short or makes her look fat. Get real, look to retail history, all of these “new” concepts have existed for decades. It’s time to concentrate on service and salesmanship on the part of management, remember “keeping a book” of customers preferences? and calling them when something they would like arrives.  Building trust is the most important factor in creating a loyal customer. Of course a nice dressing room is important, but it’s the icing, not the cake…Watch the video posted on the Wall Street Journal..made me laugh…you can tell the age of those who write this stuff. It’s as if they are just discovering what real retail was like. Maybe there is hope for retail in the future.


The confrontation scene from “The Women”…now that’s a dressing room



2 Responses to “A Not so “New” Thing”

  1. Cathy Johnson April 13, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    so true…kiki de monparnasse does it up the right way. the salespeople in vegas were very blah, boring and not interested, especially if you are over 40?

  2. Rene April 13, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    We keep notes on customer preferences and purchases for our best customers at the wine shop. We call to alert them to new vintages and new arrivals. This is a great way to boost sales! No expensive bottle of wine ( or these days – a moderately priced bottle) sells without a little special attention and romance. Every customer, no matter how regular or predictable wants to be special!

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