No use crying over this spilled milk

27 Apr

This has to be a quick post…..but this story is so juicy I just have to throw in my 2 cents worth. The boys who own Manolo Blahnik shoes have taken to dairy-farming. Yes that’s right the men that gave you Five hundred-dollar shoes and made it sound reasonable are marketing six-dollar a half-gallon milk. They refer to their prize-winning cows as the “Ladies” and lavish them with the best of everything,[the same theory they applied to their shoes] and the “Ladies” who purchase them. There is something insulting about that connection but I will let that pass. They say that the ladies contentment is responsible for the superior milk..Strange but I remember that Carnation used to say their milk was the product of “contented” cows as well. Be that as it may, they are working on expanding production into other dairy products, which may make the ladies a little less content.

I have to admit that for all the absurdity of this I am slightly jealous. Never under-estimate the power of advertising and a brilliant marketing strategist, [ look what they did with shoes]. It has been introduced into the NYC market and despite the price [it isn’t even organic] its selling. Take a lesson from this, I have always said that the higher the price the more you sell, especially when aiming at an upscale market. The terminally fashion conscious will always give it a try. I think they should employ Carrie Bradshaw to endorse their product. Imagine Carrie with a couture milk moustache,tittering on her Blahniks as she downs it from the carton. Great image No? below are the links… drink it up


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