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27 Apr

Would you buy a lamp from this man?

I just read a posting on Facebook that hit a nerve. Paul Smotrys an old friend of mine posted a link that condemns Restoration Hardware for copying another’s artists work. I realize that imitation is a sincere form of flattery, but not so in this case. Due to the economic downturn I have taken up a new cause. Support Your Local Retailers, Artists and Craftspeople. There was a time in my career when I thought that nothing could be better than working for companies like Restoration Hardware or Antropologie or a dozen other “Big Box Good Taste” retailers.

 I’ve changed my mind. My new opinion on this subject is due to dilution of that which is accepted as unique,of quality and design merit. R.H is the more guilty than most, the speed with which they absorb “High” design by legitimate artists and knock off copies is noteworthy from a business stand point, but despicable from the blatant artistic plagiarism that they use to fill their stores with items we don’t need, [much of which comes from China] Anthropologie is right up there as well, I could relate a number of horror stories from artisans showing their work in hope of making a sale, only to be told “It’s not our Look” Then find a cheaper [for a higher markup] version of their work next season for sale in the stores.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, “Vori, How can you say this? Considering the fact that you work in retail design” let me tell you why. My 35 years of retail experience has taught me that ethics, morals and pride in ones retail endeavor is still the reason that customers remain loyal. Quality of craftmanship and the confidence that an object is truly worth the price one must pay is also important. It is for those reasons that I prefer to shop where I know the proprietor and his or hers commitment to the origin and authenticity of the products they sell.

Lets face the facts here, America’s wild and thoughtless spending spree is OVER. Shopping for a cheaper version of a belt in the latest issue of W. or that fabulous rug you saw in A.D. is irresponsible. Frankly it’s a waste of money. Shop Art and Craft galleries, establish relationships with retailers who keep your tastes in mind as they buy for next season. Support commerce that supports  individual enterprise. Buy Art, not commodity. Don’t let yourself be duped by advertising or the countless home, auto, face, hair, body, make-overs that fill the wasteland of cable tv. Use your head and support those who support you when you shop. 

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