Everyone loves love

29 Apr

love is everywhere

Like billions of others I woke this morning at 4 AM to watch the royal wedding. I just had to, I’ve been looking forward to this event ever since the announcement was made. It certainly lived up to my expectations. Times have been so depressing of late, after 2 years worth of bad news this wedding could not have been better timed. Let’s face it everyone loves love, and we certainly need it now.

The Brits needed it to, they turned out in the thousands. The monarchy has been at a low point since the ugly separation with all of its sordid details and Diana’s untimely and tragic death. Todays events seemed to have erased all doubt about the future of the “family”. Will and Kate are the new monarchy, modern and unspoiled. I was pleased to hear William state that when he arrives home from work he’s too tired to cook. The fact that he works a real JOB is proof enough for me that this is not the monarchy of old. Yes, they order pizza and push carts in their local market and Kate is a “commoner” a move that never would occurred in Diana’s time. It was a very good thing that Queen Elizabeth approved of this union. A commoner becomes a duchess, a choice that guarantees the survival of the royals.

Kate will become Catherine and the new face that takes the monarchy forward. Like Diana she will bring new life to the public view of the royals. Diana would be proud of  Williams choice of Catherine as his Queen. This is a match based in love and mutual respect, Diana learned the hard way that real love is the only thing that matters, a lesson that she succeeded in passing on to her eldest son, the future King of England.


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