Rapture at the 5th Kensington Kinetic Derby

21 May
The Last Shuttle

"The Fermenterprise"

It’s now seven o’clock and the “Rapture” did not arrive, oh well I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting. A rapture of another kind lifted my spirits today. the Kensington Kinetic Derby. What a show!  This is my favorite neighborhood event, this year was the best yet. The sun was shining [no rain for the first time in 5 days] and the turn out was huge. My personal rapture came from the fact that this derelict, crime-ridden hood has manged to  transform itself  into the largest concentration of creativity in Philadelphia. The 30 years that I endured trash,foul language,and generally depressing surroundings has paid off. Today was the day that I realized I am fortunate beyond imagining to bear witness to still another renaissance in urban living. Hundreds of gritty,tattooed art types [not unlike myself ]  doing what they do best, LIVING,CREATING and EXPRESSING. My spirit has been renewed from the fact that I had something to do with making it happen. The pioneering spirit has once again put me at the right place at the right time. My life in the 70’s on South Street is parallel with what has happened here on Frankford Ave. A concentration of artistic vagabonds coming together [mainly for financial reasons] to reclaim a forgotten neighborhood. Fishtown is now alive again and vibrates with youthful energy, the similarity to South St. and my Hippie days is uncanny. So with rapturous joy I would like to share my photos of a wonderful day among my many friends.

Hit the Link to join in the fun  https://picasaweb.google.com/vardisellis/KensingtonKeneticDerby?authkey=Gv1sRgCN-mnsz0l_-QtwE#


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