Bill Cunningham…..Street Fashion

25 May

Bill was the first to recognize the importance of the street in fashion…The street is where all the ideas are born. It’s  ironic that the runway is somewhat “second-hand”  in that sense. Fashion is born of the necessity to express ones personality and lifestyle,money has nothing to do with it. There are those among us who can  pull together a look from a thrift shop that rivals anything slinking down the cat walk. The “edge” that we all want to be a part of is all around us. The most  adept designers are the ones who can spot an emerging  trend on the street long before it becomes “Fashion” I have found that the most creative ideas are found among the very young [with no money at all] or the very old, who no longer care what anyone thinks about them [a huge wardrobe doesn’t hurt either] That’s just the way of it…First its the street, then its the designer,then it’s the runway. The next series of events are; production, marketing, and others making copies. By the time that great idea hits Wal-Mart it’s over, because street  fashion has moved to next. The one thing that the creative incubator dislikes more that anything is the mass appeal of any given trend. There is an exception to the mass appeal rule, it’s age, if it’s 7 to 10 years old it’s “Vintage” and therefore acceptable again [except gaucho pants and Nik Nik shirts]

My years in retail have made me keenly aware of the creative cycle. “Everything old is new again” over and over again. maybe its my loss of memory but it seems to be repeating faster of  late. Fashion drives everything, clothes,home decor,cars, belief systems, nothing is immune of the need for something “new”  and that’s  a very good thing. NEW is how I make a living, so keep it coming Bill

Take a look at  the film about Bill Cunningham….



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