Fashion Week

15 Sep

Kors always knows what will sell

The new looks are out. I could spend days relating my opinions on each designer, but I would rather give a general overview. What is shown on the catwalk is one thing and what the public is really going to wear [interpreted by retailers] is another, which in turn gives me an idea of where I’m going with next Springs presentations. I will make this easy and simply make a list of the looks that I think will be important for Spring


  1. Marigold in all of its values with olive greens
  2. Interesting interpretations of Tie-Dye,muted neutrals and spaced out
  3. Whites and the lightest shades of lilac,Battenberg lace with wispy handkerchief hems
  4.  Floral prints in symmetrical placement on a solid ground
  5. Gold and a few metallic fabrics
  6. Anna Sui did a great group of 40’s inspired dresses, playful,young and fun
  7. Zebra prints, for the black and white lovers
  8. Elie Tahari dresses were lovely and appealing.

    Pretty is still the bottom line at Sui


  1. Kors did it best, his mens was highly wearable and knock-off-able, pre-washed,worn, loose, but tight at the ankle
  2. Mud colors,tie-dye,marigold
  3. the urban geek look is still apparent
  4. Suits.. a size too small,greys,variations on pumpkin colors, short suit jackets, Marc Jacobs did great simple color blocking
  5. Shorts that are short,mid-thigh [like shorts used to be] shown by every designer
  6. Multi-color camouflage

    Bastian, real guys,under 30

All in all Spring 012 held no big surprises and from a consumer point of view will be inviting and saleable. The economic times have made designers hyper aware of the need to give the consumer what they want to wear. Below is the link to the N.Y. Times photo review


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  1. vardis kriaris September 15, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Thanks Analucia

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