The Museum of Divine Statues

22 Sep

Lakewood, Ohio…just outside Cleveland…For years Cleveland has been ridiculed and  held up as example of urban decay, mostly by those who have never been there. I was born there and I’m proud of the fact. Lakewood is a large suburb just West of the city’s border,a beautiful lakefront community that has given birth to many generations of talented and motivated artists, including myself. Recently I was made aware of one of those artists who has created an extraordinary institution, The Museum of Divine Statues. Louis McClung has taken it upon himself to restore the statuary and architectural artwork from a number of closed churches in the Cleveland area. He has created a sublime museum  to display them and preserve the memories of those past generations of Cleveland immigrants for who the church was the center of life. A respect-worthy undertaking to say the least. In these days of declining religious interest it is important to remember the faith-based courage that brought many of our grandparents to make a “better life” here in the United States.

The display is artfully arranged and presented in a lovingly restored sanctuary, here’s the link


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