Old School Yule, a Playboy Christmas

30 Sep

The premier of the Playboy Club has caused a stir. Get ready this Halloween is going to be loaded with Bunnies and Hugh’s. I’m going to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back. As you are all aware Christmas is very near[especially if you are a V.M.] Two years ago my client Black Tie Formal and I decided to do a Playboy Christmas. We were way ahead of the curve and I love it. After all that’s my job. I’m going to repost my blog from November of 09.” Old School Yule

I have posted previously about my formal wear account Black Tie,the owner Bob Smith and I have a very long association.It was in the early 80’s that through some means Bob requested a trimmer and I was it. With few exceptions we have had a long and creative relationship. Bob has always understood the power of “perceived value” I attach to his products and the need for display in a retail establishment. Over the years Black Tie has grown into Tips Uniforms, Suzanne Roberts women’s apparel and most recently Kitchenette a foodies fun store. I am proud of his accomplishments and proud to say I had a part in them all. Through the years Bob and I have come up with truly unique windows so many in fact that it is difficult to remember them all. We have had Angels,devils,waiters,chefs,restaurants,tycoons,proms,juke boxes,pinball machines,live rabbits,break dancers,endless weddings,tropical themes,Santa suits,elf suits,discos,jazz clubs,the Titanic [more than once] Paris, London, New York, and every single event that involves formal dress has been in his window..A few weeks ago Bob are I were discussing the upcoming Christmas effort.[perhaps the 34th one].I expressed my dissatisfaction with the past years windows, Were turning into Brooks Brothers! I said, What has happened to the Cecile B DeMille productions we used to do? [Age is the answer we used to be barely 30 and now were pushing 60] I’ve worked too long at this to allow myself to slip into display oblivion. I hunkered down at pulled out my old “L’Enfant terribe” head set and came up with the tag line, Cool,Old School,Yule, I will prove that I still have what it takes,to cause a stir and attract attention,little did I know what I was really doing. It wasn’t until I stepped back to admire 3 days worth of work that I realized what had happened. The window was Bob and me 35 years ago,we were the characters in my little play..the world was our oyster,full of possibilities glamour and fame.We have been doing this for so long that the new generations we are now addressing at one time were us. History is Repeating.

Heres the Link to more PlayBoy    https://picasaweb.google.com/110585336863782076355/BlackTieChristmas09#

Trailer for Playboy Club       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-95qfa956A


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