Miley Cyrus versus Urban Outfitters

10 Oct


I am a native Philadelphian and take it from me it’s no secret around here that Urban Outfitters  has “borrowed” designs for years. U.O. is based here in Philly and I have heard all the stories from local suppliers who have had appointments with their buyers, only to be told, “It’s not for us” then see the same design knocked off the following season. I realize that that’s the reality in the fashion bis and it’s the chance designers take when showing their products [fashion will always be fashion] but really this time U.O. went a step too far and Miley didn’t like it. Retailers beware! social networking can back fire…I’ve also read that  Restoration Hardware has had a few run-ins with potential suppliers as well.

The question is,  Should I support a national brand that does not support me?  The answer is obvious, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RETAILERS, if you have a problem with corporate politics, take your business to those who you know personally.   Read the following article……..Rick Santorum? I am at a loss for words.


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