Filling the gap….Uniglo opens

18 Oct

A BIG statement

At the same time we are reading about the Gap closing stores, Uniglo,a LARGE Japanese retailer opens a 89.000 sqft Flag Ship on 5th Avenue.They are serious and somewhat no frills in their approach to American consumers. The flagship store was leased for 15 years for a record-breaking 300 million,so they intend to pick up where the Gap left off,with jeans starting at 9.90 and piles of cashmere for 49 bucks they stand a real good chance of doing so. H&M  has proven that “cheap chic” is what retail is all about these days. They have had no problem selling  their fashion sense to thousands of Asians throughout  the growing middle class in China. Next year they plan to add 30 more stores to their current 15 and 300 around the globe.Wake up American retail! enough crying the recession blues, the Japanese are taking advantage of the slump by giving the customer what they want at the right price.

The new store at 666 5th Ave. is ready for business, with 50 check-outs and 100 dressing rooms,move over Old Navy, Zara, H&M and the fallen monarch of apparel,The Gap This time the Japanese are out to win this war. Want a peak inside


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