Get Out your Platform Shoes and White Suits

23 Oct

Ya think we will get in?

It’s back..Yes, 70’s Disco is making its way into the public consciousness again. Vinny Barbarino is indeed ” Stayin Alive”. I spend a good deal of time in my car, or I should  call it my rolling tool box, office and lunch room. While traveling from job to job I entertain myself with X.M./Sirius radio. Over the past few years I have re-acquainted myself with every decade of popular music, it’s all there, the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s,70’s, 80’s,  it’s wonderful to re-live the times of your life through music, not to mention the great tag lines I sometimes find contained in the lyrics. I’m sure that I am not the only one in my profession that utilizes music as an inspiration for display windows and product presentation. Music has for me is a “window” no pun please, to fashion and lifestyle led by both the musicians and their fans. Music and Fashion are inseparable. Music is a short cut to themes for current fashion looks, I can always find something that inspires a new idea for a presentation in a lyric. The  “Looks” are as of late are relying solely on styles from the last 40 years [nothing is really new] it’s just new to a generation that hasn’t been around as long as I have been. The lyrics express the thoughts and accepted behavior [or lack of  behavior] and can offer the necessary Tag to connect product to potential customer. That’s what “Display” is all about, after all,  it’s providing a reason to purchase by means of an emotional link.

Simply Divine isn't it

Now that the marketing explanation is out-of-the-way, let’s get back to Disco. XM radio has recently launched a new station named “Studio 54”  Seeing as how disco is 40 years old it’s time to revive the legend, for those who do not remember and those who remember all too well. I will admit without shame or embarrassment that the mid 70’s were the height of my “goin out” youth. The “Hustle” was all the rage, Donna Summer meant a “Line Dance” and T.S.O.P. “The Sound of Philadelphia” was top on the charts even at “54”. No one ever went out before midnite, we dressed to death and made sure we had a fresh bottle of amyl nitrate. Poppers were de rigueur. to heighten the high-pitched wailing of the girls in “First Choice” I will never forget the experience of a crowded sweaty floor all screaming to the changes in “Doctor Love”  I miss it, hit the link v=w3IWeoMjzzQ

Is my hair OK Andy?

I am loving the “54” show, it is bringing the whole period back for me. Friday and Saturday are the best, they have a D.J. host and  a few surviving employees who paint a clear [although somewhat sentimental] picture of an evening when Liza, Andy and Mick, rubbed elbows with the 15 minute of fame crowd. Little did we know that we were to pay the piper for all the madness. The 80’s arrived with the disturbing news of a mysterious disease that was claiming lives. The party soon ended when we watched our friends depart one after another. The glamour was gone, the music ended and the lights went out.

Years later I still miss those who are gone, but the sense of loss has lessened. I can now remember those times without guilt and revel in that brief moment of total abandon. I am glad that I held on to my “Nik Nik” shirts and I’ve even grown a mustache again. I’m ready to be a part of the aging boomer demographic, missing the “good old days”…Go ahead and sell it to me again. I need it bad.

Here’s a great mix of Dr.Love  but this time no poppers for me.  Related articles


2 Responses to “Get Out your Platform Shoes and White Suits”

  1. David October 27, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

    Would you ever be interested in selling some of your Nik Niks? I’m obsessed with them and collect them, but they’re difficult to find.

    • vori52 October 30, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

      Very few even know what they are. Honestly there is no way I can fit into them anymore. I’ve kept them for two reasons; 1 Back in 74 fifty bucks was a stiff price and 2. Keeping them is purely sentimental, it was such a great period of my life that I wanted to be reminded occasionally. So how many do you have? You must admit its a strange collection..Are you of the same vintage as the shirts? [I bet not] Do you frame them? So how do you price these relics? Yes I guess its time to pass them on, I find comfort in the fact that they are going to an understanding home, instead of a landfill. Reply with an offer..they are pure poly so they are in good shape. Let me know if you want to see them, we can arrange a meeting.

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