Go Ahead, Say It

1 Nov

Merry Christmas


We used to say the "C" word

Now that Halloween has passed here comes the BIG one, Christmas…a new window everyday,with no time in between jobs. Under normal circumstances I spend a few days thinking up a clever tag line or a play on words that suits the merchandise or the season W.W.D. is so good at it and I’m always jealous of their results. At Christmas you might as well forget it, there is never enough time and everything thing has been done already. Here are a few of my favorites; “A Gift for Giving” Macy’s,or “Christmas Presence” a great tag line if there ever was one from Strawbridge’s,our late lamented local department store. There was a time when all stores used the more recently forbidden word “Christmas”, after all Christ was Jewish,doesn’t that cover everything? [so whats the big deal?]

Bing certainly used the greeting

Speaking of the use of the word Christmas, in case you live on the moon I’m sure you have noticed the return of its use. Last year Target hung huge signs in their entrances that said “Merry Christmas”good for them! It is Christmas after all and after decades of tiresome political correctness retailers are facing the fact that it is Christmas, not the “Holidays”as it has come to be known, [does that include the 4th of July?]. The concept of equal representation for all beliefs is all very democratic and I’m the first to admit its a noble gesture, but lets face facts here.. Christmas is the reason for the season and nothing can change that, its the BIG one and the majority rules,We shouldn’t feel guilty expressing my wishes for A Merry Christmas, to anyone we meet. The awkward moments of instant profiling before you express the greeting are contrary to the very meaning of Christmas and made more absurd by the fear of wishing any party you meet the wrong seasonal salutation. That being said, its Christmas, love it, hate it, want to hide from it, wish it was over, but never feel guilty about expressing it in a moment of true Christmas spirit and maybe we really could achieve peace on earth.

To prove my point

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