The Man with the Bag

3 Nov

HO HO HO again?

Halloween has come and gone, if you are a V.M. you know what that means.  CHRISTMAS!  The double-edged sword. Organize your date book, call everyone to confirm, checkout Target, Wal-Mart and Marshalls for bargain Christmas decor, throw everything in the car and accept the fact that you will have no life for the next 30 days [or more if your lucky]

Soft drifts please

It’s time for you assist your clients in realizing their, “Visions of Sugar Plums” [and cash sales]  There is no need to remind you that sales have been less than stellar for the last 3 years, despite our efforts. I can only adopt a positive attitude and put aside my skepticism to get through this yearly trial by fire. I do have a feeling that this season may be a successful one, if the media would simply take a break from reporting disappointing sales. I see no need to add fuel to the fire by reminding the public of our current economic conditions. We all know things are not what they used to be. Mind you I am not espousing excessive spending on foolish unnecessary items, just the simple joy of finding the “perfect gift” for someone deserving a thank you for their support during this difficult period.

Snow everywhere

Christmas used to be fun, not an ordeal as some would have you believe. Keep your expectations realistic and perhaps we can again capture that one moment of gratitude and generosity that is the real meaning of Christmas. Take this advice from one who knows the exploitive aspects of the holiday [which I will be working to create over the next month]

The Elves take a break

Our team just completed our first install, it was great fun to see the look on children’s faces passing by as we laid down the snow blankets in preparation for the arrival of  “The Man with the Bag” children still believe it and for a brief moment so did I.


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