Support Local Retail

4 Nov

A part of local history

Nothing saddens me more than stories of  locally owned retail closings. Ingersoll Hardware, in my home town of Rocky River Ohio is closing after 105 years of operation. Hardware stores seem to be the hardest hit in the relentless growth of Big Boxes like Home Depot and Lowes. Each closing reminds me of the passing of retail as a truly service oriented endeavor. All the corporate advertising that claims to be about Customer Satisfaction is nothing but hype and propaganda designed to make one think they care about their clients. THEY DON”T. Just try to ask an employee of Home Depot a question about a replacement washer for your kitchen faucet. Aisle 6 is generally the reply. Upon finding the dept. you will have to purchase an assortment pack,with 11 others that you will never use. There in lies the sad truth,Ingersolls cannot survive on a 25 cent sale, but Lowes can profit from a 3 dollar sale of items you do not need. Lowes and Home Depot do not support the local little league nor do they contribute to local charities. What they do is pay real estate taxes, so blame the local elected officials who allow them into a community [ or neighboring towns] The choice is up to the consumer, if you care about the retail you remember, than support those who support you SHOP LOCAL and encourage individual entrepreneurship.

Here’s the local news report…..


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