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11 Nov

Retailers Crossed the Line

Major retailers have crossed the line. In order to beat their competitors to the punch on black Friday sales many have pushed opening times to Thanksgiving night or worse. I never thought I would see the day when retail establishments would start emulating Wall Streets bad behavior. Is nothing sacred anymore? Thanksgiving is the ONE holiday that has remained immune from the exploitive gift giving madness that Christmas has become. We have lost our way. I should be of two minds in this issue, seeing as how I am a retail professional, I realize the need for a rebound in the retail sector. No one knows better than I that the last three years have been the toughest that retailers have ever been through in my life time. This latest event has pushed me to betray my vocation, I have to agree with those who are protesting these policies, LEAVE THANKSGIVING ALONE. I think the consuming masses can wait a few hours to grab the latest electronic “must have” or have we really been so seduced by the media that we are willing to throw over T-day for another flat-screen?

Imagine if you will, the table has been cleared, the pie and coffee has been served. Dad is snoring in his Lazy Boy [ from excess endorphin’s] The kids are upstairs watching the latest Harry Potter,  there in lies the irony of this scenario, the imagined need for multiple TV’s. This typical scene is played out all across America, but this year Mom has to be at work by 10 PM or lose her part-time job at Wal-Mart. Still another blow to the struggling middle class, while still chasing the “American Dream” of two computers in every house and a prime rib in every pot.When will our conflicted society realize the monster we have created? Consumerism vs. the Recession is destroying the America I once knew. Even Thanksgiving.


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