I Must Be Dreaming..Pick a Cause

16 Nov

This was us...remember?

Is it possible that sanity is returning to America?  The latest news that a protest group has formed demanding that Kim Kardashian be removed from the E network makes me ecstatic. As I approach my so-called “Golden Years” I have found myself longing for the 60’s again, perhaps it’s nostalgia and maybe the passage of time has had me don rose-colored glasses, but the return of social upheaval is an exciting prospect. The cycle is repeating, it’s time for change again.

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” [a favorite of mine, “Network” the best] It’s no secret that the last few years have generated a number of issues that are easy to dislike, even for the most complaisant among us. The last weeks events have provided a few more, a few days ago it was the Wal-Mart crowd organizing against the exploitation of Thanksgiving and today I see the utterly worthless Ms. Kardashian is at the center of still another protest [love this] over her trashy behavior, whether real or scripted she creates a miserable role model for young women. This may be the undoing of vapid, “entertainment” and wanna be “designers” All my favorite causes are lining up,I’m for looking for recruits, let’s make a list, I love lists, pick a cause

The link is at the bottom of post

  • Penn State University and the utterly unconscionable act committed condoned by Joe Paterno that was supported by his “cult” College footballs undoing, it’s about time.
  • The “Occupy” protests. Represent a far-reaching dislike and mistrust of our corrupt banking, investment and corporate enterprises. Hooray!
  • The outcry against the behavior of republican hopeful Herman Cain, What a Farce, anyone who dons a pimp hat deserves the fruits of what he sowed. He’s a Republican? Good!
  • A personal fav is the uncovered donations to Rick Santorums campaign by Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Haynes made public by Milly Cyrus, YOU GO GIRL! the boycott YES!
  • Trouble is brewing on Madison Ave. over the validity of “Branding” as retail returns to pretty display instead of billboard sized semi clothed adolescents. THANK GOD!

If you think of any I missed please let me know, now for the perennial favorites;

  • Global Climate change and those who believe we have nothing to do with it
  • The Catholic Church, Amen
  • The demise of “Made in the USA”, ie China and our lust for dollar stores
  • Partisanship and our useless Senate and House of Reps, all steeped in entitlement
  • Legalizing  Marijuana, for every purpose
  • Fox News and everyone who works there
  • All the Republican candidates, especially the Bachman’s
  • Texas
  • Taxing the Rich
  • The Rich period
  • Our infrastructure
  • War for world domination…
  • Gay rights
  • Mexicans and the border..they have stopped coming anyway, Mexico has a better economy than us.
  • The Island of plastic trash floating in the Pacific ocean.
  • Puppy mills and the senseless killing of wildlife
  • The right to bear arms…
  • Jobs
  • The Euro and Greece
  • The Bush administration
  • Insurance Companies,thanks Rene

Could'nt help myself..had to post this one

Have I missed any?  so “The Times they are a Changin”  get out your poster board and magic markers its time to Protest! Just like we used to. Accept the fact that the changes we brought about in the 60’s were abandoned somewhere in the Greedy 80’s and the boomers like you and me are to blame. I feel young and energized! Pick a cause it’s time to do it again.Want to see where the next protest is? visit….http://protest.net/


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