Product Placement..Where do you draw the line?

21 Nov

Not a stretch of the Imagination

I’ve pondered the question of branding for a while, as our governing bodies become less effective due to commercial takeover. There are a number of ways to look at this issue.  The Houses of Congress are bought by funding provided by commercial interests.  I wonder how long it will be before they are required to wear their sponsors logos.

  • Big business has decided to bolster the cause of building an affluent middle class in China,due to a bad case of entitlement here at home and ironically our desire for cheap goods due to the high rate of unemployment.
  • Financial institutions are ruled by the Federal Reserve,which in reality is managed by those drawn from the same sponsors who control congress. The Reserve is not a governmental agency, the name is intentionally misleading
  • Our educational institutions are suffering from a lack of funds causing higher tuition which in-turn forces students to take on high interest loans in order to ‘buy a degree”. Which further lines the pockets of those controlling the banking system which then pays for the pensions received by all those in Congress.
  • It should come as no surprise that the reason Congress will not raise taxes on the rich is that they will not bite the hand that feeds them. Congress is composed of the RICH.


Are we almost there?

I will say this, the spirit creative expression thrives under the most adverse conditions and I am confident it will continue to do so.  The disturbing issue is that as funds become more scarce, art, entertainment and educational institutions have been experimenting with product placement to finance their endeavors. The result of this bond could be disastrous. Imagine your local school system supported by McDonald’s, there goes the First Lady’s effort to cut the number of over weight children. How about a remake of  Dickens “A Christmas Carol” made possible by Bank of America featuring Scrooge as a conservative hero, condemning the poor as lazy. Frightening prospects,as our society falls further into a cultural abyss, ruled by financial gain in the hands of a few.

I am reminded constantly of comedy film from a few years ago “Idiocracy” that portrayed the United States of the future completely ruled by corporate sponsorship. A comedy? not really, the underlying theme of greed and total cultural decay were brilliant and prophetic. [see the link below]

A clip sent to me this morning from the Colbert Nation is proof that the collective consciousness is trending in the same direction. A film “The Greatest Story ever Sold” by Morgan Spurlock is totally funded by commercial sponsors. An amazing feat considering it is literally biting its own hand. Stephen wastes no time making the point. What it does demonstrate is the fact that the sponsors are willing to support a work that is critical of their involvement. The proof that there is no end to the lengths corporate America will go to advertise.

Stephen Colbert

Idiocracy,so many great lines, its hard to choose


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