Fur or not to Fur

1 Dec

As fur continues to pop up this season, West Hollywood still intends to ban it altogether. The allure of fur is undeniable, as the oldest means of keeping warm one can trace its origins to the first cave men who decided to wrap themselves in the leftovers of last nights dinner. That was millenia ago. I, for one see no need to continue the senseless killing of wildlife to keep warm, fur has simply become a pretentious show of wealth [and misplaced values]

I have read all those who point out that it is their choice and legislation is infringement of personal rights. I  suggest that they should be reminded that the continuing poaching of wildlife preserves must stop. We are pushing to extinction our most important asset, the beauty and wonder of millions of years of evolution. The ban on the import of ivory in the U.S. was a step in the right direction. Until the nations of the world realize that we are the stewards of our animal population and it is our responsibility to protect and live in concord with wildlife the killing for fashion’s selfish needs will continue.

Last months slaughter of Bengal tigers is proof, a 24 hour guard was posted at the site of their burial to prevent attempts to exhume the carcasses for their hides, an appalling act, on so many levels. If  God did place man on earth to hold dominion over the animal when will we realize that it is up to us to protect and preserve animal life? Lives that have the same rights we accord to ourselves, to live,  propagate and flourish without exploitation and fear of death.

The glamour and style of fur can be easily replicated with the abundance of faux materials. We are no longer living in caves. The unfortunate issue is that we cannot even take care of the thousands of poverty-stricken humans who will continue to kill and sell hides in order to feed themselves and their families,we are the most  dangerous species on earth. As long as  a market for real fur and trophy hunting exists  our wildlife is in danger.

It’s about time that fashion takes the back seat to the greater need of insuring the continuing existence of  animals who share our planet.

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2 Responses to “Fur or not to Fur”

  1. e h lamore December 1, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Good for you to remind everyone about the fur issues,,,,,esp.at the holiday times.

  2. Anonymous December 1, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    Thanks I think its important remind people that wildlife has just as much right to exist as we do..

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