Future Vision

5 Dec

The future is just around the corner. This video produced by Microsoft depicts an efficient [if somewhat antiseptic] world of instant communication and effortless convenience. What it does not depict is the world of those who cannot afford this electronic  lifestyle. While a svelte young female listens to her translating eyewear as she arrives at an airport, I have to wonder what the other 99% are doing.

Since the mid 20th century we have been bombarded with these visions of a future utopian society. I will admit I find these images exciting, All these new toys that we can rush out to purchase then pay monthly charges for gladly secure that we have the latest thing. So where is the money coming from? I ask myself, and what is the real cost of technology? I would love to stare at a transparent refrigerator to order my weekly groceries or advise a child on a recipe for apple pie from 6000 choices, for a bake sale to benefit the poor [notice they chose apple pie] I suppose that’s a bow to our charitable American democracy. That’s all well and good but, need I explain further?  Considering current economic and political conditions all those cast in this video should have been Chinese. As Ms.Svelte exits her cab where was the security? to escort her through the mob clamouring for jobs and equality at the entrance to her upscale hotel destination.

When will technology address poverty, hunger, disease and political conflict? I know most will say, ”but it is”. Granted we have the development of countless alternative methods for energy, medicine and agriculture. The one thing missing  is the compassion  for our fellow-man to move forward and employ these methods without concern for profit. As we rush into this perfect new world we have forgotten or chose to ignore those who have been left behind.

 Have we come this far to be no better than the war lords of the feudal dark ages? As our global population grows the wealth will remain in the hands of the few in power. Further corporate take over of government is inevitable [as it has already] We are heading  straight into the abyss, as the line between the “haves” and the “have-nots” grows more clear every day. The very reason our founding fathers migrated to the new world was to rid themselves of the oppression of the European monarchies ironically here we are back where we started. The monarchs have been replaced with corporations whose sole purpose is the acquisition of wealth, to gain political power. Is this to be the ultimate goal of our democracy?

I find myself thinking, who am I to ask such questions. My entire career has been based on creating the impulse to purchase material goods and services. I find myself longing for the days of simple creative energy that I gave without thought to the larger implications of my actions. The only course for me is to continue my doing that which I do best,  choosing wisely the means by which I make my living. I choose to continue to support local small business and support those who support my views. I have paid special attention to employing merchandising themes that do not  reflect exploitive attitudes or unattainable excess [which is real difficult at Christmas] I strive to entertain and amuse in my presentations, not coerce customers into buying what they do not need. This path seems appropriate during these conflicted times. There is little one “window dresser” can do to change the global crises we face, but I’m sure going to try to be responsible and remain true to my vision of a Utopia, that is fair and compassionate for all.


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