The Christmas Sweater has Returned

11 Dec

An 80’s Berek, a beaut with the NutCracker Suite

Every year about this time at one point or another the subject of Christmas sweaters comes up. Make no mistake I’m no Scrooge and I will gladly don my gay apparel, red turtlenecks red socks and maybe a Santa hat, but reindeer sweaters are just not my style. During my display career I have had to suffer through the task of merchandising a table or 2 or 3 or more of the most God-awful Christmas sweaters imaginable, I thought they had gone the way of other 80’s icons like Olivia Newton John, no such luck. They’re back.

What a mess! looks like the morning after the office party

In most urban areas the C.S. had fallen way out of favor, too corny for the fashionistas of the East coast who celebrate everything in black. Not so when you travel a bit South and West including a few regions in suburban Philadelphia. I remember a client in Wilmington Delaware,our neighbor to the south where the C. sweater was an essential part of the holiday wardrobe. Worn over a denim jumper and white turtleneck smartly finished off with “sensible” flats, it was the height of festive fashion for the descendants of the Dupont clan with big money from the profits of gun powder. Big boned women born from French farm stock [ think Julia Child ] Reindeer, gingerbread men, Santa’s, snowmen, little sequined packages decorated the front [ and sometimes back ] of every XL of choice [ones needs room for fruitcake] a flattering fit is not the intent, it’s about the”Good Cheer” they convey.

Need I even say a word about this one? a 3D Baby Jesu

I have a client who operates a shop that specializes in sample lines and end-of-season goods who, still to this day tucked away in a dark corner of the basement has a box of vintage Berek, the manufacturer of renown when it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters. We no longer pull them out for holiday [ it’s been years ] forgotten and forlorn they have sat waiting to be loved once again, it seems their wait is over. How were we to know President Obama’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, would herald their return to fashion, albeit for the wrong reason or maybe the right reason, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you choose to wear it,  that makes it stylish. HO HO HO  Where did you get that fabulous ugly sweater? such is the fickle cycle of taste and demand…Quick! bring them out again.

Check out the links to many an ugly sweater


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