Thrift Shopping in Landrum S.C.

21 Dec
Off to the Hunt

 Landrum? where’s that you ask? It’s where I spend most of my time when visiting my sister for the Christmas holiday.My sister actually lives in Tryon, North Carolina [the birthplace of Nina Simone] Tryon’s big contribution to the world of music and social consciousness. To explain further Tryon and more specifically Green Creek, is horse country. I will attest to just how horsey by stating that I stay in the “tack room” out in the stable while visiting. Just me and my equine companions Zorro and Popi whiling away the nights of big sky here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Horses are everywhere, as common as English Bulldogs up north. Upon occasion we are observers as the a Fox Hunt thunders through the property. The Yankee in me is more interested in a hunt of a different nature..The bargain hunt.

For the last four years, Christmas has been composed of my sister, brother-in-law, myself and my partner in crime [and thrift shopping] Rene,who makes the trip North from Tarpon Springs Florida. Rene and I have made the Foothills Thrift Barn a holiday tradition. The equestrian crowd that inhabit Tryon are mainly composed of older professionals who have migrated from the East for horses, golf and a well deserved retirement in the more temperate climate of the south. Retired CEO’s and investment bankers no longer need their expensive working wardrobes and much of it ends up at the Thrift Barn, making for a thrilling  bargain hunt, without the noisy nuisance of the hounds chasing a fox.

We decided to repeat our tradition this year,so we piled into the Element,Rene,me and limo the Dalmatian off to the bargain Hunt.

My previous post was dedicated to the rebirth of the Christmas sweater greedily being sought by those attending this years ever-so-trendy Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, little did I know I would hit the mother lode here in S.C. At five to ten dollars each and real opportunity for a good mark-up, but it was not to be, a bit late for this years holiday season.


This wins the prize

The hunt didn’t stop with sweaters there are plenty of other treasures to be found.

Santa gets his jollies


A thrift display

Make a great Conan costume

Remember this?


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