11 Jan

All too Familiar

I have always questioned the publics fascination with mannequins. I think I no longer see them as a subject for Twilight Zone episodes or feature films [Kim Catrall got her big break in “Mannequin”] When you have spent years schlepping heavy Rootsteins up and down stairs or on carts in freight elevators they simply become another prop that has to get from point A to point B. All the while praying that you avoid an accident that scars its nose or causes the loss of a finger.

I recently ran across an article in Adweek  that profiles photographer Dylan Collard who created a series of photos that document a tour through a mannequin factory. He stated that he wanted to capture the desensitized attitudes of the employees to their bizarre surroundings. Desensitized? more like lobotomized. Years of working in a display shop with toxic materials will take its toll, I’m one who knows the reality [I’ve painted and repaired quite a few] Don’t get me wrong, I like the photos but I have a different view on their artistic merit. I do not see the bizarre environment, all I see is another window display that has to be completed tomorrow.

 Check it out


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