The Winds of March

13 Feb

This time of year always gives me a hard time, too late for Resort, a little too early for Spring. So What a girl to do?…..I’ve been doing window displays for so long I have forgotten the early ones [back when I was really creative]  and Hell-bent on proving my skill. Those days are gone. About 3 weeks ago Lynne and I were asked to change out a number of windows in vacant spaces in a local mall, Christmas can linger for only so long [and we were long overdue]. I was without a theme solution, cruise wear was not the answer especially in a middle to lower end mall.  While I was packing up the Christmas regalia Lynne disappeared on a shopping  foray, Dammit! Where is she? she better not be shoe shopping! I have no idea what we are doing. My misgivings dissolved when in the space she came holding an arm-full of umbrellas. Stupid me, of course “The Winds of March” a long forgotten theme…I have to hand it to her, Lynne can come up with a theme like no one I have ever met in this crazy catch-as catch-can business we are in. There is ALWAYS a window at hand especially in a mall [partially] filled with stores. Thank God for Penney’s and my thanks to Lynne.

So we launched into an early Spring, umbrellas in both hands, here are a few of the results


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