Fashion Weak

18 Feb

Now that another Fashion Week has passed, lets take a look at some of the runway train wrecks. make no mistake I realize that every designer includes a few numbers that are solely for “effect” but I have a feeling that a few of these were serious attempts at changing the face of fashion. Marc Jacobs the wunderkind of NYC style sent more than his share of showstoppers down the catwalk, What were you thinking Marc? especially this one below.

But it doesn't look bigger than the Mauritania

Just going to the corner for a pack of smokes "look"

She looks like shes waiting for him on "her corner"

Hi My name is cupcake, Whats yours?

The latest from the house of Seuss..honestly Where do you wear this?

Barbarella meets Vampira

Cher starring in The Black Swan

I love it when when you put your hands all over me.

Be careful with my L.V. luggage, Boy

An endangered species, better fly South, before the cats get you.

Pre-pubescent emoticons,just what every man needs.

Don't worry soon I will be a butterfly.

Gearing up for a date with the Terminator

A fetching Neolithic gym outfit

I love fashion,I love style, I  love it all!  The Good, the bad, and yes the ugly too. The worse the outfit the better [which are generally the most memorable] Congratulations to our creative American designers for another fabulous Fashion week.


2 Responses to “Fashion Weak”

  1. Loretta Sebastian February 20, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Thanks for your delightful commentary.
    Much needed laughter for a Monday morning.

    • vori52 February 20, 2012 at 11:31 am #

      Thank you…I just couldn’t help myself

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