Do you know what it’s means to miss New Orleans?

19 Feb

Laissez bon temps rouler! as the Cajuns say, every year around Fat Tuesday I recall a trip I made with friends to the Mardi Gras. We boarded the “Southern Crescent” at Philadelphia’s 30 th. Street Station. Yes, we trained it and what a trip that was! One of those unforgettable experiences [what I can recall of it] Everyone on board started the party as soon as we departed. 2 days  later when we poured out on the platform at the station the celebration went into HIGH gear, if you catch my drift. The whole trip read like a Tennessee Williams novel, red velvet Southern decadence.  It must be 30 years since,YIKES!  but the memory lingers on. I, for one know exactly what I means to miss New Orleans .  I will never tell the details [at least not on this blog] about my days of youthful spontaneous abandon.

Louis and Billie define it..



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