Whimzy House, Safety Harbor, Florida

18 Mar

Last week I celebrated or mourned [which ever you choose] the passing of another birthday. This was a tough one to accept. It was made easier by my generous relatives who sent me on a vacation to forget the reality of  the passing years.

I went to Tarpon Springs to visit a dear friend of mine who last year decided to abandon New Jersey for the milder weather of Florida [and lower taxes]. I will save the other details of my trip for other posts. My friend Rene was an excellent activity director. He saved the best for last. As we drove to the Tampa airport , stopped at a town named Safety Harbor in Pinellas county. A very cute and trim waterfront community of tidy one story multi-hued ranch houses. The big surprise came as we pulled up to what the locals call the “Whimzy House” I’m sure that  some of the neighbors have come up with more descriptive names, as the ” For Sale” signs around the hood indicate. I, for one LOVED it. Lots of great ideas and clever execution.

 Lots of Sky Vodka in that tree

A tropical golf cart

Love the address in mosaic

Hundreds of bottle caps

Check out the poesy on the left and the bottle tree

By a waterfall I’m calling you..

An out-door chandelier of CDs…perfect use..seeing as how they are obsolete

The following are the neighbor across the street

Now that’s what I call a Ranch

The ever popular Bug-as-canvas

Not you garden variety orange tree……


2 Responses to “Whimzy House, Safety Harbor, Florida”

  1. skybluewithdaisies March 18, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    my aunt and uncle live in tarpon springs during the cold Connecticut winters. love the house!

  2. Anonymous February 9, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    Actually the house across the street, Casa Loco, has the same owners.

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