More Show-Rooming and No Buying

29 Mar

Best Buy is closing 50 units due to slumping revenues. This doesn’t come as a big surprise, Amazon is cheaper. American retail is still struggling to find a new formula, the BIG BOX is just not the answer any longer. Bigger isn’t better, especially in the electronics category, where margins are slim. The recession has knocked some sense into the American consumer, price consciousness is at an all time high. Just as was stated in the following article shoppers are testing products in expensive showrooms then running home to purchase online. Its time to regroup and plan new approaches to this turn in customer behavior. I have always said small service oriented owner operated retailers are the way to go it seems truer now more than ever. Electronics is the toughest segment of all, unless you are proprietary like Apple [which still ticks me off]  I have an iPad,which drove me crazy for weeks I was on the help line constantly but was always treated with the utmost respect and polite guidance [ even though I was harsh at times]  I must admit that Apple has succeeded in creating an extraordinary product service experience, that seems immune to the problems of big box retailers…because its about one on one service administered by knowledgeable sales people…Hello! Best Buy… get the message?



One Response to “More Show-Rooming and No Buying”

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