Everything Old

10 Jun

They say that “everything old is new again” So true, recently I have resurrected Fornasetti the Italian designer who was in vogue during the 70’s. I’ve always been attracted to his female in disguise series,which was available in every way imaginable,plates,wallpaper,ties,scarves,you name he did it. I still have a few of [now vintage] ties.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain as a visual merchandiser I am constantly in search of the perfect tag line. My latest window for a custom tailor client proved to be the perfect marriage of image and tagline. The ever-so-slightly crossed eyes of this female portrait are mesmerizing.

I found the response to be more positive than I expected. Those who remembered him were delighted to see it again and those who were not around 30 years ago were impressed with the images. The perfect cross-generational display. It is always gratifying to hit the nail on the head.


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