Me,Julia Child and Peg Board

15 Jun

I recently finished an installation that nearly finished me. Kitchenette is a 3k sq. ft. retail space for all things cooking. The job left me longing for the days of ladies r.t.w. Soft goods are easy to merchandise,a steamer,a tagging gun and a rolling rack and your done. this is not the case with hard goods that are every imaginable size, shape and use.

This is the second location for the shop,the first just proved to be too small. The one thing I was firm about from the beginning of the design process was the use of commercial gondolas,I learned the hard way that one CANNOT build a cookware shop without pegboard. I know that pegboard is a dirty word in the realm of visual merchandising but take it from me, when faced with hundreds of gadgets there is no alternative, and don’t think grid panels will work either. I did make a concession to wood slat-wall in the end caps for a more upscale look.

Smart display provided the cube shelving units that line the window display areas and although their non-adjust ability can be frustrating at times, a good deal of product does fit and makes for a clean modern look’

The addition of a few vintage appliances gives the look a bit of humor and funk that I am always content with. The faux stack stone is  a reference to 60’s ranch houses that as of late are taking on a charm they did not have 20 years ago. The turquoise and yellow-green are a bow to current fashion that has crept into much of the house ware fabrication as well.

Since the shops opening we have re-merchandised it countless times. The peg board panels are a God send when it comes to display and adaptability. I am constantly reminded of the scene in the film “Julie and Julia” when Julia Child’s husband was drawing outlines around a frying pans hanging from peg board in her kitchen. If it was good enough for Julia it is certainly good enough for me.

Thanks Julia

Here’s the link to more photos

and here’s the link to Kitchenette online


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