Long Time No Write

29 Sep

Its been quite awhile since I’ve  posted. Honestly its due to the fact that I have been busy as hell.  Been a long haul but I think retail is making a comeback [at least here in Philadelphia] I’ve designed and built 6 stores since May and that’s REAL good considering that the previous three years were death. Lynne and I have been knockin out carts and short-term shops in a number of local malls and even a few Food Court take-outs.

Kitchenette was back in early spring, A long hard job, but I loved it. The owner is my longest running client [30 years] and we have built and remodeled countless times. At this point our rapport is right to the point,no bullshit lets just get this job done is our common mantra.

Lots of small items and pegboard

I love Harriet Nelson’s quote

The next was Wayne Sporting Goods, another familiar client, over the years we have remodeled piece by piece their two-story shop on Philadelphia’s mainline. Before and Afters are the best way to illustrate the difference. I haven’t had time to get out there and take finish shots.so these will have to do

A very before shot

After….Cleaned up and spacious

Not thrilled with the cyclone fixtures

After….a huge difference

I’m sure some you know that I have worked for formal wear retailers for a long time. Gallelli’s is an Italian family business. I really respect their old world, three generations in the bis establishment, as local as local gets.

I remember what “Window Trimmers” used to do..

After… Bond, James Bond, “Shaken not Stirred”

Before…Need I say anything?

After…Now this is “Formal Wear”

Revzilla Motorsports has kept me busy for the last year. The office expansion was a big step which I helped with and now another move will take them to a completely new office, warehouse and retail store [which you will see in the future] For now a before and after of the employee lounge

A former Mummer clubhouse with a plywood bar

After Retro-Industrial refit

As I said Lynne and I have done a good deal of cart merchandising as well…The before shots are generally so ugly I can’t even record them for retail posterity …The After shots are a different matter. We laugh a lot on these gigs to keep from crying.

No, they don’t expand your biceps..

Energy bracelets…God knows I need one

The next set was my favorite..SPLAT! The latest juvenile must have…They are strange alien animals that when thrown at a suface splat and stick..Needless to say this juvenile [me] loved it..I threw them on every surface I could find, signs,marble,display windows you name it..it stuck..great fun.

Only disappointment is they don’t stick to flesh.

Splat cart…

How could I forget… Layla’s Boutique a chic little shop in a really tough space [all glass] No problem we have a solution for every retail quandary. No befores it was a shoe store,who moved out under the darkness of night. This was a quick job,but Lynne is a wiz at bows and over the top children’s wear. Thank goodness I don’t have to do the bows anymore. Yes Layla is a real child and very cute.

Floor to ceiling fixtures saved the day

Printed valances minimize the “off the shelf'” out riggers.

Layla is adorable.

“That’s all she wrote” Lets all hope for a good Holiday season…and  continuing growth for retail.













“That’s all she wrote” Lets all hope for a good Holiday season…and  continuing health for retail.


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