The Painted Lady Costume Ball

20 Oct

My own little MGM costume epic

As a child I remember my Grandmothers collection of Woolworth porcelain figurines,18th century sentimental portrayals of courtly personage. They were mass-produced in Japan after the war, strictly for the American market. When one considers the high level of Japanese craftsmanship one has to wonder if they were a form of secret revenge waged on the Western Caucasian devil. They are somewhat carelessly painted and totally lacking in the detail one expects from Asian crafts.

If you look closely you will notice that they are marked “Occupied Japan” to assure the American buyer that at least part of the price was going into U.S. bank accounts, therefore it’s alright to purchase from a former enemy, now  repenting for their membership in the  evil Axis and has embraced democracy.

Time heals all wounds and makes even the lowliest knickknacks desirable. These items have become collectible, once costing a dollar, give or take, they fetch 10 to 20 times that. Devoted Flea marketer that I am I will not pay retail for anything. I must admit they strike a nostalgic chord in me, simply based on childhood memory. Recently I have haunted a few markets due to the autumn weather and the fast approaching holiday season which in October means cheap. My intuition was correct, the sellers need cash and prices were low. At one such booth I spied an entire collection of the little gems 7 pieces in all for 3 bucks each, snapped them up in a New York second. My sis will love these,I thought, until I got them home and realized that their scale is a perfect fit for my obsession “The Painted Lady” sorry Evangeline looks like they found a home.

What better for The Painted Lady than painted ladies?

Of course I couldn’t wait to stage a little scenario using my newly arrived actors.  My own M.G.M. period costume ball…the link is your invite.


One Response to “The Painted Lady Costume Ball”

  1. eh lamore October 20, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    LOVE it! They belong in the house.

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