Truth in Advertising

26 Oct

A bit of controversy has swirled around the Brits banning Dior’s latest campaign for the “New Look” mascara. I find this humorous on so many levels.

1. Has there ever been truth advertising?

2.The Brits are world-famous for televising the most vulgar shows ever produced, remember Benny Hill ? so why be upset with this.

3. For the most part most women have become skeptical when it comes to cosmetic claims, notice I did say “most women”

4. Dior must be turning over in his grave due to the use of  “New Look” for mascara. In the annals of fashion history his “The New Look” after the war is legendary.

5. If there was a full disclosure mandate in advertising there would be no advertising

6. If there was no advertising there would be no commerce.

7. If there was no commerce we would revert to a “Hunter- Gatherer” society

8. If we reverted the world would be a better place.

9. Maybe the Brits are right after all.


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