Tis Season for Ugly Christmas Sweaters

11 Nov

This One Wins

Yes it’s that time again……Who would have ever thought 20 years ago when the Christmas Sweater was considered by fashionistas to be the absolute lowest garment on earth, and that today they would be the height of fashion during the holiday season. I remember well the having to drag them out every year along with the boxed cards. The ones that did not sell were always packed away with the christmas decor to wait out the year to try to sell them again. They were never “in” fashion consequently they never went “out” of fashion.

Matt Damon is even wearing one

All things in fashion are at times unexplainable, although in this case it seems to be due to the coastal urban “tasteful” crowd who are reveling in sheer ugliness of the classic Noel garment. Let me remind you that in some quarters [south of the Mason Dixon] line they are still de rigueur for holiday festivities.

A toast to my sweater

Many of these beauties show up in thrift shops around this time, although due to their recent popularity I bet the prices have soared, especially for the truly hideous examples. I can’t believe it but even I am considering prowling around for one. No matter what your true reason for donning gay apparel, the season is for laughs or compliments accepted gracefully. No one need know your intent. shop early to bag a good one.

A Very Merry Christmas to You

I wrote this post last year, Now I have an update from the foremost manufacturer of the ugly Christmas sweater. Berek company is the originator of the “art” sweater as they loosely call it.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is the only statement I can make. Kitch appeal is a valid reason for prizing these “works of art”even I have to admit a certain fondness for their “cheerful” themes in a perverse way. Berek is still in bis and true to American manufacturers  they recognize the renewed interest in  thier products, they have embraced it rather than trying to deny ugly label. Who cares about the reasons as long as they sell?   This is Berek’s link to  Christmas 2014


2 Responses to “Tis Season for Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

  1. talesfromthesalerails November 11, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    Was about to post a similar blog myself, for something so ugly, I can’t believe they are on trend!

    • vori52 November 11, 2012 at 8:52 am #

      Its been on my mind lately, write one, theres always room for bad taste gone good.

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