Christmas Past…some things never fade away

4 Dec


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He was more important than Santa

Christmas will be upon us in a week or so. Before the Grinch takes hold of me I would like to share a memory or two of Christmas past. Whether we want to admit it or not many of our fondest holiday stories are retail related. Christmas, children and retail have gone hand in hand since some enterprising retailer first donned a Santa suit.

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 I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and although Cleveland has been a national joke since our river burned, it was a very different place when I was a child. Downtown Cleveland was dense with varied retail and a Christmas shopping trip was a much-anticipated event Cleveland’s three major holiday decor musts were; Halle Brothers, Higbee’s and Sterling Linder Davis. My maternal grandfather spent his entire working life at Halle’s and both my mother and her sister did sales stints there as well. Even though Halle’s was the highest end in Cleveland [and my family was not] we were loyal customers, due to the employee discount which my mother took full advantage of. Halle’s was always a part of our family.” A treasure in Store” they used to say.

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Halle’s always had the edge on its competitors at the holidays, due largely to their Santa’s right hand man. A month before Christmas Cleveland’s most famous holiday ambassador would start appearing on television after the local news, MR. JING A LING, a brilliant advertising concept. Upon reflection he was sort of an info-mercial, living advent calendar, talk show host. As I remember he would interview children with a jovial Dickensesque abandon that works so well at Christmas and promise his transfixed audience, [me and my sister] a key to Halle’s seventh floor toy dept. Hence his name, the sound of keys he always carried on his arm..The song is still ringing my mind some 50 years later…….

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Mr Jing a Ling how you ring a ling..keeper of the keys
On Halle’s seventh floor….We’ll be waiting for you to turn the key.

Higbees had the famous Twigbee shop,[for children only] and served childrens meals in little cardboard toy stoves, Sterlings had the city’s tallest tree and Francis the talking mule, Halle’s trumped them all. The great department stores are gone now, but the success of their Christmas efforts have become legend in the minds of many.

Sterlings Live Tree was a must.

Sterlings Live Tree was a must.

The Silver Grille at stoves for all..

The Silver Grille at stoves for all..

On a sad note Our condolences to the family and friends of Pamela Keyes, a friend and member of the Rocky River high schools class of 1970.


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