17 Dec

Really cool shots…a very rare occurance..sandy


Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-01Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-03Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-05Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-06Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-07Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-08Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-09Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-10Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-11Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-12Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-13Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-14Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-15Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-16Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-17Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-18Christophe-Jacrot-new-york-in-black-19French photographer Christophe Jacrot has captured NY´s scene from the final week of last October in his series “New York In Black.” Whether were watching on television, or among the displaced, something we all can agree on was the strange and eerie mood of Lower Manhattan during the week in which darkness descended upon New York City and wiped us all off the power grid (thanks to Hurricane Sandy). In an almost painterly fashion, Jacrot gives us some angles of New York City appearing almost as an old Hollywood set, and it was all elaborately staged. Surreal.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein

True reality of 2012
Ballerinas take over the Big Apple
Ashes and snow
Dance like no one´s watching
60´s skate

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