A Day at the Shore

29 Aug

A whole summer has passed and I never made “down the shore” as they say here in Philadelphia. I have always been amused by those who ask me how I became a Visual Merchandiser, (or an old school window trimmer) as I still refer to myself. My answer is blunt, Work Retail and attend art school. That’s as simple as it gets. Art is the hardest profession to make a living,exploiting your talents is easier.

There are a number of retailers out there that understand art is an essential part of product presentation,but have no artistic talent but do pocess the ability to give the public what they want (at a hefty markup) A hefty charge is what I collect to provide my God-given artistic talents to seduce the viewer into a purchase.Experience has given me the insight to reach the customer that my client desires,to hone in on their need for “things” to express their self-image.

What potential VM’s do not understand about this profession is that while everyone is “down the shore” I am getting ready for the 4th. quarter, the supposed horn of plenty for retail. Little do my novice comrades know that the 4th. hasn’t been really good for years now,but that doesn’t stop retail from mounting a holiday extravaganza. Holiday really begins the day after the 4th. of July [ironic that the 4th is the gateway to the 4th. quarter] I have a small window in June to perhaps do a little vaca. if I miss that it’s too late..the roller coaster to Christmas begins its descent.

Here it is Labor Day another summer gone. I thought I would entertain myself with photos of those who have jumped off the coaster. I look forward hopefully that someday I will join them,a day that is not so far off for me.


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