Why I had no Summer

29 Aug

Despite what the media tells us the retail bis is still tough.The last quarter was less than stellar. When one takes into consideration all the options available to consume its a wonder that “Brick and Mortar” still exists at all. The recession fundamentally changed the consumers head set,the lowest price has become the first priority in vast majority of shoppers. China has beat us at our game,their cheap labor has mortally wounded our manufacturing sector and while it provides us with cheap merchandise it has destroyed our middle class. The irony lies in the fact that it is our manufacturers who have given them the work. No thanks to our Congress and recent administration.

Our greed and entitlement have added fuel to the fire. Madison Ave. keeps cranking out advertising that tells us what we cant live without and we believe them. Hell bent on “keeping up with the jones” we have fallen into a misguided pattern that believes every generation should have more than the last. The reality is that we have become the 99% while the 1% calls all the shots

The reason I had no summer this year is a double edged sword,I was too damn busy. I suppose I should grateful but I'm not. My clients are all struggling to survive,due to rising costs of doing business and fending off online retailers. Rising taxes and no credit are killing owner operated retail, what happened to 30 day invoices? Suppliers want payment before shipping.Suppliers are in the same boat as retailers..everyone wants cash flow.It's a MESS.

There is a bright spot in all this doom and gloom, Shop Local has become the mantra for those socially conscious shoppers. As of late many ask me where the product was manufactured,a good sign. My own gentrifying hood is full of crafts people and artists aware of this trend. Nothing can replace the owner,customer relationship. To touch,feel and hold a product that the retailer believes in and can explain will never be replaced by free shipping and a prepaid return sticker from an anonymous online retailer, no matter how clever the user friendly pitch.


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