Fall in French

1 Sep
I will readily admit that I am a total Francophile. I adore all things French. There are those who would take me to task on my obsession but as they say in France,” aller en enfers” The French pocess a heightened passion in all things they pursue and a taste for the dramatic, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart, food, and personal appearance, but more on that later.

It was my early exposure to Paris that formed my adoration of all things French. At 16 I was sent to Europe,to “Get Culture” For a kid from Ohio this was eye opening to say the least. The Parisians were beautiful, the buildings were beautiful ,the rain on evening streets was beautiful, everything was beautiful. What have I been missing? I asked myself. The French introduced me to the art of cafe sitting, solely to people watch an occupation I fully immersed myself in, The French sure know how to accessorise, Parisians can use a scarf like no other culture. Age appropriate was invented by the French and a good hair cut is everything, Paris taught me what true “style” was all about. I learned all the rules I stiil use today. My life was forever changed, Vive La France.

I have managed to visit France twice since my early exposure,that further solidified my love of the French.I've heard all the negative comments leveled by other Americans, the French are arrogant, the French are rude, the French are ,on and on. I pay it no mind, the French have the right to be proud, they do just about everything better than everyone, wine, food, clothes, art, furniture, EVERYTHING.They reached a level of cultural civilization centuries ago. America was years behind, in the big picture of time, we have only recently adopted style (most of which is French) We drink French roast coffee, we drool at a creme brulee, we love French wine but we still won't do snails, C'est dommage.

Like most art students in thier twenties I worked as a waiter.I was lucky to have worked in a very chic French restaurant, catering to Philadelphia's carriage trade. I still miss those staff dinners. Our chef de cuisine was a strict task master, a real Frenchman, he demanded the best, polish those glasses, the forks are on the right, Mon Dieu! he would say, Americans know nothing about fine dining. He thrived on personel intrique and loved to hear all the dish on the clientele as well as who was seeing who among the staff. (very French) He never missed an opportunity to add a bit more spice to the cassolet when recounted the latest news to others (also very French, more drama Sil vous plait) I still carry his words with me to this day, he would say, “there are only three types of people to pursue, in THIS order, The Rich, The Beautiful and The Talented.” He was right and that's why I love the French.

En septembre, je pense à la France et Edith Piaf….écouter



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