Turner Classic Movies..I’m their biggest fan

7 Sep

Cable television gives us hundreds of choices, but really there is no choice at all. I am totally uninterested in the glut of reality shows, I have problems of my own, thank you, the last thing I need to do is watch others dysfunction. The only choice I watch regularity is TMC, ( and HBO ) Thank God Netflix has eliminated the need to suffer thru endless channel surfing.

TMC has been my mainstay since its inception, over their 20 year run they have expanded their programming to maintain viewer interest. The introduction of monthly spotlight actors is terrific,as well as the guest celebs picking their favs along with veteran Robert Osborn. Elvis Mitchell one on one interviews offer in depth looks into the reasons behind the productions, great stuff.

Last night they launched their new Friday night series. I stayed up most of the night, watching. They presented three of my all time favorites, Metropolis, Things to Come and Brazil. How did they hit my trifecta? I live solely for visuals, I readily admit everything I see eventually becomes a display premise. The more I watch the more I have to draw on. Film is an essential component of my design process, along with painters and songwriters.

Metropolis,the slaves to industry

The underclass expoitatation

Human empathy prevails

“Things to Come” civilization dissolves due to endless war into anarchy, then rises again through science amid controversy over man over stepping his purpose..Who needs all this science? To paraphrase the script. Sounds familiar, hence the lasting relevance of the film, as well as the stunning art direction.


The ruins of civilization

The ruins of civilization, as history repeats itself

The jumbo tron, became a reality, science fiction becomes science fact.

The togas are a bit over the top, but the architecture isn't . Thanks to Norman Bel Geddes.


“Brazil” without a doubt a visual feast, and barrage of retro-future modern that is without equal. Brilliant art direction. Unforgetable imagery.

Bureaucracy gone biserk

1940's steam punk futurism, very imaginative

The most memorable scene, gives new meaning to “plastic” surgery.



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