The New Indian Chieftain

9 Sep

I'm not a rider, but working for Revzilla motor sports has raised my cycle conciousness. The new Indian is one bad ass beautiful machine.My first encounter with an Indian was years ago. My Dad owned a grocery store that I worked in after school. We had a delivery man who tooled around with the orders in the back of Dads 1960 Corvair,a less than exciting machine. To make up for the embarrassment of being seen in a Corvair he pulled out his vintage Indian (vintage back then meant really old) I'm not sure but it must have been from the late 40's or early 50's. It was a flat black monster,without fenders that was loud as hell. One scary machine and as boy of 14 it was intimidating..that memory might have been the reason I never fully trusted cycles.


I am no longer intimidated by cycles, I think this bike might alay mistrust..Take a look at this incredible machine.

Look at those exhausts


Brando saddle bags


The iconic light-up Indian


Engineering beauty


Multi lamps,white walls and plenty of chrome



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