Here we go Again “Punk”

13 Sep

In case you haven't noticed this Fall has been a bit hard edged. On the other side of the color blocking and soft burnt orange knits it's black Leather, studs and expensive black tights. I love it, I made my mark as a “window dresser” back in the 70's when Punk first appeared, It was all about safety pins,leather pants and a anti – social vibe. The whole scene had changed, gone were the sweet peasant blouses and babies breath hairdos. My window displays were chaotic, irreverent and shocking social commentary was the mode du jour. I did not hesitate to join in and speak my mind. The Bicentennial in 76 saw Philadelphia full of trash due to a labor strike, so the window went trash, piled waist high around the smartly dressed mannequins. Broken glass could be replicated with tinsel carefully applied to the window pane, this was my all time favorite,a real head turner,but I took a good deal of flack. That was the whole point controversy was the goal.

Its a steal...the box coming through the broken window

Yes, I still have these photos

I was not alone in the trend toward reality windows [ironic that reality TV might have been born years ago]. Every trimmer was in on the act, Candy Pratts at Bloomingdales, Victor Hugo at ,Robert Currie at Bendels were all practitioners of the new window decor. Warhol reigned supreme. Everyone went for thier 15 minutes It was an exhilarating time, full of creativity. Im so glad I was there.

I garnered local recognition as the “L'enfant terrible” of Philadelphia which back then was not a hard thing to accomplish, it was still a Quaker town. We still had Blue laws and Republicans on the Main Line. All the better to shock the hell out of.

Get down with your bad self

Get out your glasses,some of this is priceless

Bergdorf just installed a set of “punk” windows, well sort of punk, couture is not the punk of the 70's, they traded the Army Navy and safety pins for a hot pair of Louboutins. A very clean version of Punk, not quite the display revolution of the 70's,but after all its,Bergdorf.

I see couture safety pins


We had platforms but not like these..


Congrats to Bergdorf for a stellar set of windows and thanks to all the others who made it possible the first time around.



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