Predicta Television..Suddenly it’s 1965 or 1984

15 Sep

I am your text book perfect baby boomer,I've spent the last 40 years amassing a collection of “comfort” items from my parents generation. My efforts have resulted in a recreation of my past lives with items of esthetic and sentimental value. Under my curation my home has become a 20th century museum of low and high design that entertains and educates.

My Predicta

The current obsession with the “repurposed” is not big news to me, we used to call it “second hand” My whole house is repurposed with others cast offs.

One category that has been of special interest to me is obsolete electronics, radios, phonographs, telephones and televisions. In my opinion the Philco Predicta television is the Queen of obsolete. Not only was it the most advanced tech in American consumer products of the 60's, it was manufactured here in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Storage Battery Company circa 1904 established in 1892 as the Helios Electric, later became Phil-Co, Still another example of Philadelphias past preeminence in all things manufactured in the United States.

A Predicta replaces a Buddha as the center of family worship

The future is here now, a much used mid-century tag line. If was indeed the future why did it become obsolete? The video link below illustrates, awe struck admirers circling the set on their patio, a perfect statement of misleading manufacturers claims. In reality the poor performance of the sets miraculous picture tube led Philco into bankruptcy.

The infamous tube

An adoring consumer caresses her Predicta

Another adoring consumer has other ideas

I had to post this

The raison d'etre for my ownership was spawned by my involvement in our Bar venture back in the 80's. We designed and built a club. The Neato Keno a 50s 60s themed lounge was the ideal place for a Predicta that played soft core porn not unlike the young lady pictured above..

Russ Meyer was superb playing on the set behind the bar, of course everyones fav was “Faster Pussycat,Kill,Kill”

I still occasionally turn the old girl on, to keep her fit and preforming up to par. Jayne Mansfield's “The Girl can't Help it” was always another top choice among the boys at the bar.



One Response to “Predicta Television..Suddenly it’s 1965 or 1984”

  1. eclecperspec September 15, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    I love vintage including your vintage televisions. Great photos.

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