Philadelphia, Two Views 6 years Apart

16 Sep

Philadelphians are a breed set apart. I am a transplant, but my 40 years living here allows me to say, Yes, I am from Philly and proud of it. I’ve posted two videos produced 6 years apart. Two different views, both have valid points. The first vid “Philly is Ugly” is recent, a beautiful visual tour, despite its name. The second is “Prayer for Philadelphia” produced in 2006 is less complimentary and gritty but no less relevant. 

It's all about Love, always has been.

The two videos combined reveal the two sides of life here in “The City of Brotherly Love”  Living here is a love hate experience. Proud to be the home of American democracy and ashamed of our subsequent failures. Three centuries of history, we walk the same steps as our noble predecessors and are reminded daily of their contributions.  No wonder that Philadelphia has an inferiority complex, it’s a heavy burden to carry.

The conclusion I have come to after much thought. Philadelphia has always been and continues to be the corner-stone on which the United States was established “E Pluribus Unum” “out of many one” one nation made of many.  Years before the Continental Congress established our country William Penn named his land grant. Philos which means love and Adelphos which means brother.There exists a similar meaning in Penn’s name and the thoughts put down by the writers of our Constitution. Penn had no idea that his name would one day set the stage for our independence. It was love, love of country, love of man’s inherent rights, love of freedom that gave us our United States. It only makes sense that such an extraordinary event would occur in a place named Philadelphia.  Philadelphians still strive to make William Penn’s “Greene Country Towne” a reality.  We are stubborn, feisty, opinionated, fiercely loyal and determined to make are own way despite the odds. Due mostly to our love, the love we have for Philadelphia. Exactly like those who came before us.

Heres the two Videos

Ugly Philadelphia

Prayer for Philadelphia




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