10 Things Facebook Does That Are Not In Its Tagline

22 Sep

Oh yes there are more than few conclusions I’ve come to before reading this.

Thought Catalog

Facebook’s tagline is: “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”

1. Facebook helps you stare at a computer screen and scroll in a hopeless manner down your news feed, which Facebook smartly made neverending, for hours on end. In this regard, Facebook helps you feel a new type of emotion; a sort of deeply unsatisfied longing for meaning, entertainment, or substance, for which you scroll endlessly, each status update somehow not good enough to fill your attentional reservoir, each comment somehow not scratching some incessant inner itch.

2. Facebook helps people you knew in high school ‘reconnect’ with you in what ultimately turns out to be a vaguely creepy and mostly annoying, drawn-out, and seemingly neverending event. This occurs such that now someone who knew you in that vulnerable period of your life during which you were awkwardly testing the boundaries of your vague identity…

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