The Real Jessica Rabbit

22 Sep

I never knew there was a real inspiration for the cartoon Jessica. Sure enough there was.

Here she is, talk about low cut, this girl would still be considered scandalous today. Miss Vikki Dougan, considered the “It Girl” of the 50's

It's easy to see why…The girl had balls…. as you can see by the closer look this bystander at the bar is giving her.

Décolleté isn't the the right word to describe this cleavage, but it's cleavage none the less, even if it's on the wrong side.

Hey a girl has to do what she has to do to get noticed, especially during the day. It's always what you don't show that is the most provocative. Backless is without a doubt has always been daring, but Vikki gave it one more inch that pushed it over the top, or should I say over the bottom.

Once again Messy Nessy has posted another obscure tid bit from the past, that even I have never seen

Check it out



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